Sexting Prevention Resource Center for Summit High School

How does Summit High School rate on Sexting Prevention tools?

Sexting is a growing phenomenon in our nation’s schools making schools like Summit High School a central figure in the cause and solution of the problem. According to a number of national surveys, approximately 20% of all teens have sent a “sext” or an explicit photo of themselves to a friend or stranger.

  • Based on national averages, approximately 222 of Summit High School students, or 35% of students, at Summit High School will receive an inappropriate or explicit photo that could very easily land in the wrong hands.
  • 88% of these explicit photos get posted online without the victim’s consent.

Victims of sexting scandals in Frisco, CO will likely experience a drop in grades, an increased inclination for depression and an overall reduction in school attendance if the problem is not properly handled.

uKnowKids offers five tips for dealing with sexting at home and school:

  • Monitor and spot check your kid's phone use, especially if you pay the bill – after all, it’s your phone
  • Parents, teachers, and school administrators should collaborate with law enforcement officials to raise awareness and education about sexting and the legal consequences of sending and retaining sext images
  • Remind your kids that relationships are based on respect -- they should never feel pressured to exchange suggestive or explicit photos to please a boyfriend or girlfriend
  • Tell your kids their control is permanently lost whenever they send sexually explicit photos to someone else
  • Instruct kids to report any explicit photos they receive on their cell phone to their parent, teacher, or school counselor. They are NOT to forward or delete the message in the event law enforcement needs to get involved