Internet Safety Resource Center for Tensas High School

How does Tensas High School rate on Internet Safety tools?

Internet Safety and Internet privacy for teens and tweens are crucial in this digital age. According to the U.S. Department of Education, 23% of nursery school children in the United States use the Internet, 32% of kindergartners go online, and by high school 80% of children use the Internet. Social networking sites and mobile applications specifically targeting teens and tweens have reached an all-time high and show no signs of slowing down. Statistics show that 87% of teens communicate through texting, IMing, and social networking sites. It is challenging providing Internet Safety to our kids in the face of digital dangers from cyber predators, bullies, stalkers, hackers, and identity thieves

Unfortunately, there are students in Tensas High School that will encounter digital dangers this year. According to historical, national data, approximately students at Tensas High School will be cyberbullied this year alone. In addition, 46 students will share an inappropriate image electronically, and 37 students will be sexually solicited online.

uKnowKids offers five tips for providing Internet Safety at home and school:

  • Keep the family computer in a public area, so you can monitor your child’s Internet activity, including spot checking the browser history
  • Learn enough of the digital language children use to understand what they are saying in their digital world
  • Insist that the privacy settings on your child’s social networking accounts are restricted so only the child’s trusted friends can view the child’s photos and messages
  • Instruct children NOT to give out personal information such as addresses, school names and contact numbers outside of his/her closed network.
  • Encourage children not to use the same password. They should come up with a strong password for different kinds of sites — email, social networks, and e-commerce sites — and a fourth for infrequently visited or untrustworthy sites